12 - 1oz bottles of Golden Dragon M-3 Ormus

12 - 1oz bottles of Golden Dragon M-3 Ormus


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Note that this is a lot of 12 1oz bottles.

Our Golden Dragon M-3 Formula Ormus is combined extract of ormus wine sediment, Dead Sea salt, morning dew, and artesian mineral water. Because it is extracted from m-state wine, it is similar to resveratrol, one of the leading anti-aging products in the health market. This is considered an M-3 formula ormus, meaning that it is very high in the leading three platinum groups metals - Gold, Rhodium, And Iridium. It also has high concentrations of the other eight monatomic noble elements.

DIRECTIONS: Golden Dragon is a very potent product - not for beginners. Take this product in the morning to start as it may make you feel too perky to sleep. Be sure to nurture your body with extra vitamins as manna will begin to help your body build and repair very intensively on a cellular level. You may notice a very strong effect at first and it may seem that your Ormus loses potency, but that is not the case. It’s normal to only notice the change in your body so, after a noticeable and sensational effect, the sensation of change can feel “flat.” So stick with your dose and, after a few weeks of consumption of one type of manna, you may need to slowly up your dose, adding another dose later in the day or by consuming a different form of Ormus later.

DOSAGE: Start with a conservative amount, like 5 to 20 drops and slowly increase the amount you take until you notice the effect. You can take your dose in an acidic drink like citrus juice, coffee, or tea to release the m-state by breaking down the magnesium it is contained in, or put it a bottle of water and “sucuss” it by hitting it against your hand 50 to 100 time to increase the homeopathic effect of your dose. If you find yourself being very grumpy, back off your dose or stop taking it for a while until you feel normal again. Some of the signs of taking too much are grumpiness, ringing in the ears or distortion, visual distortions, or intense and obsessive thinking.

WARNING: You should not take this product if you are on prescription mood altering drugs. It can release all the body chemistry the drugs inhibit.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.***